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Ashley's Bragging Right's Rabbitry

A Little History...
08-09 Beginning Rabbit's 4-H Project
April 7th, 2009 Meeting
Dressing Out a Rabbit
A Little History...

The History of Domestic Rabbits...

~A little History~

Why do people raise rabbits?


Humans have been raising rabbits as farm animals since the Middle Ages and there are records of different breeds and colors dating back to the 1500’s. The first rabbit shows started popping up in the 1800’s in the USA as well as in Western Europe. Breeders have created rabbits to fit many different life style categories such as food, fur and wool. Rabbits became household pets in the early 1800’s as well. It was considered fashionable to have a rabbit as a house pet! Rabbit’s are also used in laboratories to help find life saving vaccines and antibodies. Rabbit’s are used to find treatment in such areas as asthma, stroke prevention & treatments, diabetes and cancer!


So to recap, humans have been raising rabbit for a very long time for such things as food to feed their families, fur to keep their families warm and as pets for companionship.

Ashley's Morris
Rabbits for Show

Rabbits on a Farm used for
meat, fur and pets.

Lab rabbits are
usually New Zealand Whites

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