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Ashley's Bragging Right's Rabbitry

2008 Basic Rabbits Syllabus

08-09 Beginning Rabbit's 4-H Project
April 7th, 2009 Meeting
Dressing Out a Rabbit
A Little History...

Meeting Dates
All Meeting will take place at 4pm
At the Shoreline Rider's Building 

Oct 7th
Nov 4th
Dec 2nd
Jan 6th
Feb 3rd
Mar 3rd
Apr 7th
May 5th
June 2nd

At every meeting we will be covering several things including, but not limited to:



        Basic Care



        Showing & Showmanship



What to Bring to our meeting every month:


        Folder to keep all your papers in

        You might want to bring some note paper to keep in your folder

        Something to write with

        A smile!


~You DO NOT need a rabbit to participate in this group!~


Also please do not bring your rabbit to the meeting unless we've talked about it before hand. This will help keep order during our meetings.


If we're going to need something special for a meeting, or if I would like you to bring your rabbit, I will let you know during the previous months meeting.

 Special Events:


At our Dec. 12th meeting we will be making rabbit shaped ornaments. I’ll have enough for everyone to make a couple to take home and we’ll also be making some to donate to an organization for the holidays. If anyone would like to pass on this activity that's okay too.


At the end of our 4-H year I want to have a rabbit fun day. Any body that wants to participate in these events can, or you can decide to pass, but I'm encouraging everyone to try. I'm also going to try and have some guest judges come over to help with these activities. Here are the activities I'm planning for everyone:

  • Rabbit Bowl:

        During the year t kids will be picking teams, choosing team names and studying for a game called "Rabbit Bowl". It is very similar to Jeopardy, but with rabbit facts. It's a great way to learn information about rabbits, learn to work as a team, and gives everyone a goal to work towards.


  • Showmanship Challenge:

This is a great way to practice showmanship. This will involve doing showmanship and answering questions. It's to help the kids learn why they are doing the steps.


  • Breed ID Contest:

We're going to learn about lots of different breeds of rabbit threw out this year and this is a great chance for the kids to see what they've learned. I'm going to try and get several different breeds of rabbits for the kids to identify.


  • Judging Challenge:

We're also going to be talking about how to pick a good show rabbit out. A judging contest is a great way for the kids to get hands on practice and see how their rabbit choosing skills are developing.

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