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Ashley's Bragging Right's Rabbitry

Educational Posters
08-09 Beginning Rabbit's 4-H Project
April 7th, 2009 Meeting
Dressing Out a Rabbit
A Little History...

Educational Posters


r     Choose a subject. This should be something you know about, or want to learn about.

r     Do some research because you need to know about the subject in order to teach others about it.

r     Make sure your subject has enough info to fill a poster.

r     Make a rough draft and plan out your poster first. Then you can start putting stuff on your actual poster.

r     You can either put actual photos on your poster, or draw your pictures. Just make sure they are clear and relevant to your subject.

r     You can either hand write out all your information, or type it. If you hand write your info just make sure it’s clear and neat.

r     Keep your info short and sweet. Stick to key points and this will keep the publics interest.

r     Use bright colors that stand out and grab people’s attention.


Here’s a list of ideas for some posters:


r     A breed (New Zealand, Netherland Dwarf…)

r     A disease (Snuffles, cold…)

r     Showmanship steps

r     The parts of a rabbit or just a body part (Teeth, ears, legs…)

r     A rabbit show

r     A Variety

r     How to keep your rabbit healthy

r     Treats

r     How to make a nest box

r     And what ever else you can dream up!!